Project Proposal Form 1.1


This completed form is required for ALL projects, both elementary and senior.

Student's Name ___________________________________________

Title of Project ___________________________________________


To be completed by the Adult Supervisor (Please Print)


Name ___________________________________________

Position ___________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

Phone (w) ________________ (h) ________________


Check all items that apply to your research. We recognise that most projects will not involve the following hazards; however, please follow the proper guidelines where appropriate.

While doing my project, I will be experimenting with:


Humans (requires prior SRC approval)

Nonhuman Vertebrate Animals (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

Recombinant DNA (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

Pathogens (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

*AII bacteria, fungi, etc. isolated from the environment should be considered potentially pathogenic.

Controlled Substances (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

Human/Animal Tissue (requires SRC approval and form 1.3)

Hazardous Substances or Devices ( requires a qualified professional supervisor)

None of above (Requires requires prior approval of an adult supervisor)

Guidelines for written Senior Project Proposal


Senior Project Proposal


Use the outline to follow in organizing your Project Proposal.

Attach your project proposal 1-3 pages

(not more than three pages please)

A written project proposal must be completed and reviewed by an adult supervisor before experimentation begins. Use the following outline to develop a quality project proposal.



The project should be given a temporary title which shows the focus of the project.


Clearly state the following:

- purpose of the project

- the question or problem investigated (Reference this to what you have learned from reading books, magazines, scientific publications and talking with resource people.)

- either a hypothesis or technology/design to be developed

Method and Materials:

- methods must be clearly stated with the detail of investigation and/or development procedures to be used.

- indicate at least two major sources of your library background research (Science journal, articles, books . . .)

-If you plan to use animals or humans give an additional source of a relevant reference.


This requires you to say either what you expect to learn if things turn out as you predict or would do for further investigation if they don't. Clearly state how the results of your experiment will be used to provide answers to questions you have posed of solutions to a problem you have outlined.


Describe as many applications as possible. Be innovative and creative. This section should excite the imagination with possibilities