Project Proposal Form 1.1


This completed form is required for ALL projects, both elementary and senior.

Student's Name ___________________________________________

Title of Project ___________________________________________


To be completed by the Adult Supervisor (Please Print)


Name ___________________________________________

Position ___________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

Phone (w) ________________ (h) ________________


Check all items that apply to your research. We recognise that most projects will not involve the following hazards; however, please follow the proper guidelines where appropriate.

While doing my project, I will be experimenting with:


Humans (requires prior SRC approval)

Nonhuman Vertebrate Animals (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

Recombinant DNA (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

Pathogens (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

*AII bacteria, fungi, etc. isolated from the environment should be considered potentially pathogenic.

Controlled Substances (requires prior SRC approval and form 1.3)

Human/Animal Tissue (requires SRC approval and form 1.3)

Hazardous Substances or Devices ( requires a qualified professional supervisor)

None of above (Requires requires prior approval of an adult supervisor)

Guidelines for written Elementary Project Proposal





The Elementary Level Project Proposal


It is important for the adult to allow the student to have control and ownership of the project. Therefore parents and or teachers are expected to modify this outline to make it age appropriate for elementary students.


A possible approach might be for beginners to answer the following:


- What would I like to know?

- What can I do to find out?

A written project proposal must be completed with an adult supervisor before experimentation begins. The following outline is provided to guide the adult supervisor/mentor as a guide to develop a quality elementary project proposal.




The project should be given a temporary title which points to the target or focus of the project. (This may change after the project is completed)




Clearly state the following:

- Say why you would like to do this project.

- Clearly say what would you like to learn from this project. (Connect this to what you have learned from reading books, magazines, watching TV and talking with others.)

- State either a question or design to be explored.


Method and Materials:


- State how you propose to find out the answer to your question or explore the design.)

-List the materials you will need to do your investigation

(The adult supervisor will help to collect and list the things needed to do the project.)


Conclusion and Discussion (What I found out):


Clearly state how the results of your experiment will be used to provide answers to questions you have asked.

This requires you to say either what you learned if things turned out as you predicted or what you think caused them to be different, from what you predicted. State what you might change to improve themethod if it is necessary to redo the experiment.


Tell about every day things you think work on the ideas you've learned from your project.