King Hiero's Crown

Question : If different metal samples have equal weight in air do they also have equal weight in the water?

Hypothesis: If two samples of metal weigh the same in air they _________________________________________

Materials: spring scale, two metals cylinders of the same weight, elastic, and a tub of water.

Method: Manipulated variable: Kind of metal : Brass, Aluminum. Weigh the samples in air with spring scale. Responding Variable: Weigh the samples in water with spring scale. Record the results.




in Air (N)


in Water (N)








Summary of observations: __________________________________________________________


Conclusions: Comment on the correctness of the hypothesis. ______________________________________________________________________________________


Either Write to Archimedes explaining how your method, which measures the buoyant force of water on different metals, supports his investigation of King Hiero's crown.

OR Write a letter explaining a general method for illustrating Archemedes Principle using any two metals and a spring scale. Explain how you used the idea Density, displaced water, and apparent mass (weight los) in your method.