Trail Blazing for Electricity



2.10 Trail Blazing

(Identifying significant variables affecting electric current)


Do all wires conduct electric current equally well?

What are the important variables affecting the electric current in an electric path?

Fact: A brighter bulb is a measure of the current

Each of the following questions are proposed for investigation

Write a hypothesis for each.

.11 Does the kind of metal affect the production of a current?


.12 Does the length of the wire influence the current?


.13.What is the effect of the thickness of wire?


Choose the pair of wire coils you would test to investigate your hypothesis (#1, 2, 3 above Write the pair of letters on the blank below)

Hypothesis #

.11 _______ .12 ________ .13 ________

.14 Trail-blazing in the Heat

Problem: [1] How does heat affect the current in the wire?

Fact: The brightness of the light bulb indicates the current flow

Try this:

Circle the light which best shows

the bulb brightness


Conclusion: As the wire gets hotter the electric current _______ (increased/decreased)

2.20 Electric Energy Conversion

Problem:If the wire does not conduct current well, what happens?

Try this: from p157


Electric energy is converted to ____________.