Pressure Standing on Nails

As you probably remember pressure is calculated from dividing force or weight in Newtons by the area in metres squared.

P= F(N) ÷ A(m2)

Follow the following steps carefully to calculate the pressure while standing on nails.

Finding The Weight:

[1] Weigh yourself on the Kilogram (Kg) scale and calculate your weight as follows.

F(N) = _____ kg*10N/Kg= _______ N.

[2] Place a sheet of paper on the nails and step on it. Make sure you get a complete clear footprint.

Finding the supporting Area:

[3] Count the number of nails supporting your weight. Gestimate where necessary.

Nails _________

[4] Calculate the area of one nail A(cm2) = πd2/4* where d=0.18cm

For 10cm finish nails the calculation goes as follows:

The circle of one nail end A(cm2) = 3.14 * 0.18cm x 0.18cm÷4 = 0.025 cm2

Then the area of all supporting nails = 0.025 cm2* _____ nails =_____ cm2

[5]Calculate the pressure

P= F(N)÷ A(cm2)*10 000 cm2/m2

= _______ N ÷ __________ m2 x 10 000

= _________ N/ m2 or Pa

Then divide the Pascals by 1000 to convert to kilopascals.

Pressure = _________ kPa

[6] State as many ways as you can think of to reduce the pressure on your foot.