Science 10 Exam Review Guide

June 13, 2002.


Questions will be taken from among the following study-question outline.



Q1- There will be one chemistry skill questions. From the following.

1. One will be on naming and writing formulas for ionic and molecular compounds
2. The other will be on the three step approach to balancing chemical equations and types of chemical reactions.
(There is already a review for this suitable for starting a review on these topics)



Q-2 There will be two questions on Motion from the following.

This question will be graphing and interpretation of data from a moving object.
1. You are expected to be able to do the following:
Prepare the data for graphing
Graph the data
Say in words what the graph tells you.
2. Interpret either a ticker tape or a graph for the sample motion they indicate.
3. Study significant figures as they relate to reading and interpreting them correctly for reliability or precision.